Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Amy Lee

(I have never procrastinated on a post more...)

A little over two months ago, the world lost an incredible person
and I lost a dear friend, mentor & creative ally.
For three years I spent nearly every waking moment with the inimitable Amy Berkowitz and gained not only an immense knowledge and respect for vintage fashion & art, but also a contagious passion for life & creative expression, and an irreplaceable collaborative partner & friend. 

Her vivacious spirit will always be with me and everyone who loved her, 
and her unique eye & wry humor will forever live in my mind & my art

For those who knew Amy
for those who love artists, old things, secret treasure, strange stories & marvelous eccentric folks...
(for those who have time & interest in rambling sentiments)
below are the words I shared at Amy's memorial last month:


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