Tuesday, April 23, 2013

back in action

eek.  It has been an intense, exciting & eventful few months and all of the sudden a lot of time has passed since I've done a real post.  There is a lot to catch up on!  Let's start with the highlights....

In July, I began a new job working full time designing textiles for children's apparel at TJX in Framingham, MA.  It has been a big adjustment from my full time freelance life, but while I am a little sad to be spending less time in my cozy home studio, I am relishing the whimsical work I am creating with this truly talented team of designers.

My scribbles will soon be seen on little rompers, tshirts, tunics & dresses at TJ MaxxMarshalls (USA), Winners (Canada), &TK Maxx(Europe).  I have been amassing new artwork and prints at an amazing rate, and look forward to sharing more soon! 

wedding photos by my friend, Richard Chase
Thennn... in October(on the 6th to be exact), I had the pleasure of throwing a great big party and marrying my very best friend, Ryan.  Wedding planning was frantic, fun, fabulous & full of many opportunites for creative projects.  We were lucky enough to have the love and support of many friends, family & skilled craftsmen to see us through our artistic adventures, but I somehow still managed to have my hands in almost everything...

I designed our wedding website(above), our invitations(below)...

...and, perhaps most notably...

(left) wedding dress stardust print by me   (right) the result of many hours of ring searching, and the talented Danielle Miller
...patterns(of course!) for both my bright blue dress, and the ties worn by my dude of honor(Nate, my brother), the best men, and a blue bowtie for my handsome groom.  With the help of spoonflower, a very skilled seamstresses, and a very talented & patient Nana, my prints became fabric, became garments that we wore with smiles so big they hurt.

clockwise from top:  me with my dude of honor & beautiful beaming bridesmaids;  dear friends dancing:  Ryan & his Mom

 We had a wildly wonderful time with some of our very favorite people on this great big tiny earth, dancing the night away under a silvery moon(made by my dear Daddo), and reveling in a room full of
so much love 

... and, in the meantime...
...some of my very favorite freelance clients have been up to some fantastically fun things, that I look forward to gushing about very soon on this here blog.

So, life is good, and it's good to be back :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston love

I have quite a bit of catching up to do on this here blog, but while I figure out where to start with that, I wanted to share this beautiful piece by the one and only Mr. Dan Blakeslee.

"Hearts for Boston" is for sale in tshirt and patch form over here, in support of the Richards family and the other victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.  Thank you, Dan.  Thank you, Boston


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