Monday, May 28, 2012

sunny happy pattern

(prized possessions)


  1. is that a close up of your closet? i feel the same way about mine!


  2. sure is!
    and im glad im not the only one that feels so connected to my wardrobe... ESPECIALLY the vintage things!
    its like the actualization of that feeling you get after reading an awesome book and having this incredible emotional connection to it and thinking how special it is and how you are the only one that has been on that adventure or could ever even understand it...but then you realize a million other people read it and felt the same exact way(which is kind of awesome too) ... but with vintage, you really are the only one(well, at least one of few) who has anything like it, so that feeling never goes away...
    whoa! ramble
    hope that makes sense(figured it might to a book/vintage lover like yourself :)



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