Monday, May 7, 2012

st. petes

property of TJX Companies
my recent work has me doodling up some rather detailed drawings of far flung locales that I would love to visit someday... deeeeelightful!  (or, as the Gershwin's say, nice work if you can get it :)


  1. That is some nice work, Amanda-really gorgeous! What a fun commission!

  2. Ooo, I'm with you there! I'd LOVE to go to St. Petersburg someday! Almost got a chance to go last year, but then I found out that americans have to pay for a visa, even if the trip is only for a few days. :/ Ended up going to amsterdam instead, which was AMAZING! :)
    xox, giedre

  3. Julia - thank you! I've been loving your recent work as well :) cant wait to see where all of your researching adventures bring you!

    Giedre - Amsterdam! I am jealous! That is most certainly on my list as well... I've heard so many wonderful things. My first order of business would be renting a bike and finding a bakery



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