Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pretty Proxy Valentines

Many of you have suggested that I officially try my hand at stationary (Im lookin at you, Sami!)... and guess what? I have!  
recognize some of this stuff?
I was a little giddy when Heatherjean, of fair trade/girl power brand, Proxy Apparel, asked if I would be interested in creating some valentines for them this winter.  I've had a lot of friends who get down on this "Hallmark holiday," but it has always had a special place in my heart.  Besides my current beau, I have always been single on Valentine's day, but it never bothered me much.  Growing up in my house, February 14th was about creative muscle stretching and family fun.  Leading up to the holiday, we would all squirrel away to our own corners of the house to craft valentines for each other and our close friends(I cant remember one elementary school Valentines day where we brought in store bought cards).  Computer collages, paper cuttings, 3D sculptures, pop-up cards... anything was fair game.  When the day came, we'd make a big dinner and some shortbread heart cookies, and exchange our affectionate art.  It was always a blast to see what each person had come up with, and many of these creations became treasured items that have long outlived their Februaries (one from the mid 90's still hangs on my childhood bedroom door!).  No one was stressed because each person could get as involved as they liked with their project(3D moving sculpture, or sweetly scrawled poem?).  There were no wild expectations or stresses that come with big holidays(ahem, Christmas), just sweet and simple fun, and a nice reminder of how lucky we all were to have so much love in our lives.
It is for these same reasons that Valentine's day continues to be so much fun for me as an adult.  Family and friends rarely expect a card, which only makes their smiles that much bigger when they receive one.  So, brighten some days this February 14th, and send(or hand out!) some cards to the ones you love (whether they be friends, family, romantic interests, or your kickass neighborhood tailor).  At 10 postcards for $10, you cant beat the price(unless you are going to get crafty at home, which is always encouraged).  Plus, ten Valentines are always better than one!  So, pop on over to Proxy and let the love grow!

p.s. Don't forget to treat yourself! Check out our new collections (Im partial to the tutu dress, handmade Guatemalan shawls, & the versaties...although Im a little biased on the last one) and use coupon code LOVE at checkout for 20% off your next purchase. Valid through February 29th.

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