Friday, November 11, 2011

Scouted out

When my friend, Holli Banks, publisher of my local bimonthly magazine, The Somerville Scout, approached me about helping with their first annual holiday gift guide, I was thrilled.  At last, my penchant for shopping locally could be put to good use!  Scouring my neighborhood squares for great goodies is a favorite weekend pastime that I never have a problem indulging in.  I am lucky to live in a small city with a vibrant local scene of shops, restaurants, music and artist studios(NYC is the only US city with more artists per capita!) and try to take advantage of this awesome locale every chance I get!  I quickly got to work, brainstorming and popping around to my favorite neighborhood haunts to see what they had in store for the holidays.  After a few inspired emails on my favorite findings(you may have noticed, I can be rather verbose about my passions), Holli asked if I would author the guide.  I've never had an official writing gig, but hey, why not?
So, I couldnt help myself, I dove in.... all of the sudden I was sketching up layout ideas...

...and illustrating banners! graphics! finding funky fonts!
A big, big THANK YOU to Holli and her awesome team for including me in their holiday issue!
Before I knew it, I had agreed to model a few gift guide items, and suddenly I was having my very own Mary Tyler Moore moment, twirling in the middle of my favorite Boston area square for the magazine's cover shot!  Last week, my face was peaking out of every mailbox in town, and though it still makes me blush(quite a bit), Im trying to be a little more easy breezy about my moment in the spotlight.  So, to those Somervillians who have asked, yes, that's me on the cover.


  1. congrats, amanda! you look too cute!


  2. agreed...and we're thrilled you were able to come aboard for this issue!

  3. thank you both! It was such a pleasure to be a part of the Scout team :)



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