Monday, June 13, 2011

pattern play: stamping study

Now that I've reconfigured my studio situation, I am excited to get back into printing on fabric.  Here are a few experimental pieces I did (with the help of my guy) when I only had two colors to play with.  Although I am quite partial to blue, I tend to get a little greedy with color (there can never be too much!), so I was quite happy to find my back ordered inks had finally arrived on my doorstep this Friday.  Time for another stamping extravaganza!


  1. Those came out really cool! I've been looking at fabrics for some still lifes I'm working on. Pattern intimidates me, so before classes start this fall, I'm practicing.

  2. thank you kimberly! don't be afraid of pattern; Im sure you would paint it beautifully! Cant wait to see some of your new work :)



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