Friday, April 8, 2011

screenprinting success

Fruits of my recent screen printing labors.... I think Im hooked!*  
While I appreciate the ease of designing on the computer, nothing comes close to the satisfaction of getting messy and physically creating something with my hands.  For a few days this week, my kitchen became a colorful workshop that even got my guy in the spirit.  With my beginners guidance, he designed, cut and print the green arrow pattern (which I love and find to be an awesome compliment to my wavy blue current print).  I see many apartment projects involving these designs in our near future... 
*(thanks to the lovely Shana Phillips and her wonderful class at Decordova)
Now that we have some motifs to play with, we have to get our technique down... it gets pretty difficult to line everything up!  Repeats are my game, but I am used to relying on my trusty old computer for technical perfection.  Oh Illustrator "smart guides" I am missing you now(nerdy Adobe design shout out..sorry)!  Anyone have any tips or tricks for better screen placement?  I still have a lot to learn...but I am so so excited to be learning it!


  1. Screen printing is amazing. do you have a studio where you can burn the screens?

  2. im loving it! i havent used that method yet, every screen has been handcut or painted so far, but I am planning on trying it. have you burned screens before?



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