Tuesday, February 8, 2011

pattern pieces

some snippets from my sketchbook while I finish up the new Artifaktori ad for the next big event...stay tuned....


  1. hello!
    Thanks for your really really lovely comment, your work is beautiful too, i love to draw in felt tip as well! these are really lovely these drawings. very jealous.

    yes i designed the cut and made them too, what a nightmare, but good fun. i'm so pleased you like them, looking at something for so long makes you lose your opinion of what it is like anymore...!

    your blog looks great, i am following so will keep in touch! Jo x

  2. Thanks Jo!

    I understand losing sight of reality towards the end of a big project - I definitely do that too. You must be exhausted after such a multi layered undertaking, but in my opinion, it was more than worth the efforts...cant wait to see more!

    x AMW



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