Monday, January 31, 2011

dress up with mr. chase

My last post consisted of scribbles from my lazy days last week (aka days I dont get out of my bathrobe to work from home) and Im (half)sorry to say, that this post doesnt come from such a different place.  Between catching a little winter flu and wrapping up a few different projects, I havent found myself with much extra creative energy.  So, I thought it an opportune time to share a few photos made the other week by my good friend, Richard Chase.  Richard has an affinity for photographing interesting people, and with my collection of vintage and penchant for costume(plus the fact that I dont mind face paint), I have become one of his people.  Every so often I cram half the contents of my closet in a duffle bag and head over to Richard's studio for an afternoon of dress up and conversation, and I always leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and re-energized.  I suppose its my sort of photo therapy?  And, lucky me, beyond the exercise of being photographed, I am left with Richard's beautiful images(and fond memories of this fantastic yellow couch).


  1. These photos are fantastic! I love your shoes and that couch!

  2. Those are cool photos! I like the sofa too!

  3. The flu has been a BUMMER this year, eh? Cool photos, costume and of course that sofa.



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