Sunday, November 14, 2010

let's hear it for the boy

For those who know me well, it is no surprise to find that this face pops up in my work quite a bit, especially when I am in need of a dude to draw.  He is my dude, and this weekend we celebrated our fifth anniversary.  So here's to my hero, my model, my best friend and my number one fan.


  1. sweetest thing ever!!
    happy anniversary!

  2. I too drew my man a lot when I was in my life drawing class in college! He was the only guy person I could get to strip naked in front of me and let me doodle away! It is great having your own personal muse! The comment above, from Fay, she also uses her man as inspiration! So funny that it happens to be more common than we expect! These drawings are great, and BTW you have inspired me to start painting again. Something I have not done for a LOOOONG time, so thank you!

  3. thanks fay :)

    @secondskin - the man friends certainly do come in handy for figure models and general manly inspiration. i love it(and it seems my guy does too)! so glad that you are starting to paint again. i cant wait to see what you come up with :)



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