Monday, November 8, 2010

call me crazy

(dried up twirly pods circa 2008   &  a scribble that should really be a pattern by now)

Every so often I get creative impulses that need to be immediately satisfied.

For example, the picture above came from a beautiful, blustery fall day a few years back that filled my boyfriend's yard with those twirly maple seed pods.  They were bright chartreuse and made the most glorious, punchy pattern on the dusty gravel of the driveway.   After staring for a moment, I dropped to the ground and began furiously gathering them into my skirt, much to the confusion/amusement of my guy(although he's pretty used to my eccentricities by now), who thought we were on our way to Dunkin Donuts.

It is the same sort of impulse that made me scribble out a quilt idea on the back of a battery package(aka first thing in grabbing distance) today at breakfast, and it struck me later during my freelance color separating project this evening.  No use in fighting it.  I clocked out for a few minutes and made a sweet watercolor image into a funky 40's inspired floral and still finished my work early.  I've actually had a weekend full of crossing things off my list and man it feels good!


  1. Love the maple seed drawing. Would definitely make a good fabric print or some such. -Nature always does seem to be the best inspiration, eh?



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