Friday, October 15, 2010

poster collaboration: the witches!

Poster design by Susan Williams
Illustrations by Amanda Williams (and very much inspired by Mr. Quentin Blake)

I always enjoy collaborating with my parents on projects (Dad's and illustrator and Mom's a graphic designer), and the marketing material for ABRHS' The Witches, by Roald Dahl, was no different.  Growing up in their studio,  Ive certainly soaked up a lot of my Dad's quirky aesthetic and Mom's sense of balance and color, so we have a sort of design ESP thing going on most of the time. 

Besides doing illustrations for the poster,  I've also been designing the costumes (so much fun and so much work!) with Mom as my "assistant" and I cannot tell you how many times we would pick up something at the same time and say "how bout this?"  Guess the apple doesnt fall far from the tree?  

Can't believe the show is opening in a week!  If you're in the Boston area, check it out.  The AB team puts on quite a show and for you fashion fanatics, the costumes are a winking nod to the 1960's.  Ill try to grab some pics at dress rehearsal this week :)


  1. I like how you stayed inspired by Quentin Blake's original character designs. He is one of my favorite illustrators. Hope the show goes well!

  2. Thanks Audrey! I should have mentioned it before, but Quentin Blake's illustration certainly played a huge part in the overall design concept of the show. His drawings are so much a part of Dahl's stories!



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