Thursday, October 14, 2010

dream closet: fall y'all

 I think I actually did these sketches in the very early spring(read: still winter for New Englanders), but a lot of the wants still hold true.  I have a fabulous turquoise maxi skirt that I wear in the summer and I would love to have a woolly winter counterpart.  The top left dress I actually own (some of the dream closet exists in reality!) and I think it is by far the most perfect piece I've discovered thrifting (vintage boutiques are a whole other story).  Its navy blue with cream/navy polka dot ruffles along the collar and cuffs and I always feel like a million bucks when I wear it.  I guess that's really what this "dream closet" section is all ode to the pieces I have been lucky enough to score, and a style journal for the ones I dream up (....and perhaps one day I will make them....when I have extra time, and money and learn how to sew, haHA).

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