Monday, September 20, 2010

dream closet: yes, please

If I could just wear an incarnation of this (imaginary) dress every day, I would be truly happy.  
It has all of my favorites: 
collar (check), kimono-esque sleeves (check), bow tie (check), funky pattern (check)

Now, to find cool ankle boots (a torturous task...I am very picky) and learn to sew so I can make myself endless supplies of crazy kaftany jumpers.


  1. Ahhhh! I love your illustrations so much!! You do design work? Like logos and things? Oh my goodness you really have some skills! I love patterns and prints and drawings and wish I had a knack for coming up with my own but when I sit in front of a blank page I just sort of loose my courage and end up writing words instead of doodles or cool designs. I am always in awe of this type of talent.

    I just wanted to thank you for saying hello the other day on my lambert post! There were just a few people who actually remembered that cartoon but it sure did stick in our memories didn't it. Thanks again and so nice to meet you!

  2. Christina! Once again, thank you so much!
    I am so glad that we connected :)

  3. That bag is pretty excellent, too. (o:

  4. thanks Aubrey! I am always so picky about design stuff that I always end up drawing what I really want in a bag or dress or shoes, etc. (usually from bits and pieces of vintage inspiration) Sometimes it helps me organize my thoughts so I can find something similar enough that I can customize to my wants, and other times it just lives in the pages of my journals....maybe someday I can actually see the ideas come to fruition! ill let you know if the bag ever happens, haha :)



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