Saturday, June 12, 2010

dream closet: spring things

I suppose that fashion, clothing and style have always been somewhat of an obsession of mine....not in a glossy magazine reading, trend worshiping way(although those things are interesting too), but more from an artistic view point.  It's intriguing how much style says about a person, and how it can be used to express different moods, personalities and ideas.
I have to say, as far as wardrobes are concerned, Im pretty lucky.  For the small amount of money I am able to invest in fashionable fancies, I have quite the collection.  My mom instilled a love of sale racks in me from an early age (along with a love of bold stripes, prints and COLOR), and I inherited many exotic costume jewels from my world traveling Granny and antique dealer aunt.  In more recent years, I have been deeply involved with a local vintage shop where I have discovered some of my most prized threads (the kind that instantly make you feel like a million bucks the second they touch your skin).
And still, despite all of these superb sources for style, I am constantly searching for more.  When I cant find it, I draw it, borrowing a silhouette and drape from one garment, color and shape from another....
There are likely more scribbled pages of sketchbook in this vein than any other.  I think of these fancies as my dream closet.  Perhaps, someday I'll find the dream pieces(or finally get around to printing my own fabric and learning to sew...), but for now they live in my sketches (and some in my real closet!).  So here's what I've been longing for lately... (the blue kimono gal is my favorite)

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