Tuesday, May 11, 2010

vintage vacation

Tomorrow, I'm off for a week to Brimfield Antique Market with Artifaktori to sell some stunning vintage clothing and camp in a field!  Ok, so its more of a working vacation, but one couldn't ask for a better place to dream and scheme than Brimfield.  Or at least I couldnt...its been one of my favorite places to visit for as long as I can remember.  In elementary school, if I was lucky, my parents would let me play hooky for the day to go visit my aunts booth of vintage jewels out on the May's field.  Countless hours were spent munching on salty popcorn and exploring endless rows of treasure.  Inspiration overload!

This time around, I will be over on the New England Motel field in the fashion tents with racks full of colorful stuff to get your head and your heart going.  If you're in the neighborhood, we're booth 165, come say hi and explore the vintage glory!

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