Wednesday, April 21, 2010

welcome to my sketchbooks

 No matter how much I love an artist's work, I'll always love their sketchbooks more I am not quite sure why, but something about those first sparks of creativity is so much more wild and true and interesting to me than any finished piece ever is...
It then makes sense, that when it comes to my own work I feel the same.  The pages that hold my ideas are full of much more interesting stuff than any of my finishes pieces. 

 Sketchbooks have been around to collect my thoughts for as long as I can rememberI don't know how I would keep track of them otherwise.  These books come in every size shape and color, but they're all full of the same good stuff...doodles and shapes and blobs and scratches, notes to myself (that I can't always read), inspiration and ideas for later.  They might not mean much to anyone else, but they are my little treasures of what is and what could be.  I carry them in pockets and bags, and hoard them like a squirrel.  My house is filled with piles and piles of these books....under beds, in boxes in the attic, and tucked in shelves with taped in pages and tattered corners.
 I've created this blog as a venue to both catalog and share these books of scribbles & schemes.  
 In many ways, it is also a tribute to my parents, for giving me that first crayon and putting curiosity and wonder in my heart
 So thank you Mom & Dad, for providing endless boxes of color, scraps of paper, inspiration, and little books that i could make my own
Thank you for showing me that there are better things to do than watch TV. 
 Thank you for taking me to art museums instead of Disney World. 
Thank you for putting tools, colors and books in my hands and big ideas my head. 
Thank you for not making me play sports. 
 Thank you for being my biggest fans. 
(This is for you)
Welcome to my sketchbooks. 


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